new developments


FloorplanGRP has its roots started from new development experience and high-end visualizations for world
reknowned brands. Using the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality we intend to provide immersive
experiences that engage consummers with our clients’ product.

3D Visualizations

The use of modern visualization technology has allowed entire buildings to sell prior to construction based solely on 3D renderings. The visualization team at floorplanGRP has over 45 years of combined experience creating 3D technologies for the SyFy channel, Al Jazeera, BET and corporations such as AT&T, HP and Xerox. FloorplanGRP has also created 3D music experiences for artists such as Bjork, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Shakira. Our capabilities include traditional renderings as well as augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D scanning of properties to generate virtual open house experiences. The following montage demonstrates the production capabilities of our partner UVPHACTORY.


Virtual Walkthroughs

Augmented Reality


3D Visualization of the Future of Urban Farming


From conceptualization to closing, floorplanGRP works with you to discover your building’s unique identity and develop the presence of your luxury project. Meticulous attention to every detail ensures a beautifully organic color palette selection, logo design, and the highest quality marketing collateral that will match your brand’s promise and attract buyers who share your aesthetic.

Floor Plans

Even more so than photography, floor plans help potential buyers decide whether a home is the right choice for them. For close to ten years we have created the highest quality floor plans in the New York City real estate market, always emphasizing the elegant simplicity of each home’s plan. The lasting effect that a beautifully composed layout can have on a potential buyer should never be underestimated.


Print will always remain a key component of a well-planned marketing strategy. Providing a much sought-after takeaway, print collateral is a traditional embodiment of every luxury brand. Our team emphasizes elegant design while using the highest quality paper and printing techniques to create powerful pieces that perfectly express your brand’s promise.